Is Ascent covered by insurance?

Ascent is not currently covered by insurance. The cost of Ascent will vary depending on your physician and location.

How long does it take for Ascent to work?

Ascent can take anywhere from days to weeks to see results. Your physician will be able to provide an estimate based on your individual case. 

How is Ascent different from a steroid injection?

Corticosteroids are designed to reduce inflammation through a chemical reaction at the site of injury for temporary relief. Amniotic fluid is a complex substance that includes all of the components required to support growth and development of human anatomies. Using a patent-pending process called Selectify, Ascent captures specific components such as hyaluronic acid and growth factors that work together to revive degenerative anatomies.

Is Ascent safe?

Amniotic fluid is a bioactive substance naturally designed by the human body to protect, cushion, and lubricate. Tissues are donated by consenting mothers undergoing full term cesarean section deliveries and are individually evaluated by the StimLabs Quality Assurance Unit for suitability. All donors are screened for communicable diseases and a thorough medical history review is completed by the StimLabs Medical Director, a board certified pathologist with over 20 years of experience in determining donor eligibility. As a final safety measure, Ascent is sterilized during the last step of processing. StimLabs has never had an adverse reaction reported to the FDA.

Where can I get Ascent?

Many physicians provide Ascent as a treatment option to their patients. If your physician doesn't yet offer Ascent and you're interested in the product, please contact us at